Hauling Service in Hartville, Ohio

Affordable Hauling Service

New Baltimore Yard can help with removal of old junk or unwanted items by taking them to specific donation centers. Our hauling service can be useful in various situations such as job site cleanup and estate cleanup.  We can also help you with delivery of Mulch, limestone, soils etc.


Job Site Cleanup

Whether is a new construction or restoration service related cleanup, we are there to help you.  We also can help with foreclosure properties, rental properties or even abandoned properties.  We can also help with liquidation centers, hoarder and collectors that need assistance with parting their unwanted items.  Our crew will work with understanding the job clearly and providing you with a quick quote on how much it would cost.  We will then promptly clean up the agreed upon job.


Estate Cleanup

Our hauling service can help during an estate cleanup.  Transitioning from the passing of a loved one can be very difficult.  We will help you with clean up of anything they left behind. We can help you with removal of any unwanted items and donate it to local donation centers. 

Our hauling service is affordable and quick.  Our crew is courteous, polite, sincere and are are reliable.  There are no hidden costs.  No job is too small or too big.  We are here to help you, so simple call us to get started.





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