Limestone and Rock

Limestone and Rock in Hartville, Ohio

Limestone and Rock

For over 20 years New Baltimore Yard has provided stone for Commercial and Residential landscaping projects in Hartville, Ohio.  Some of the Rock we sold has been used in local state parks and other small city projects.  No matter what type of rock your landscaping project requires just reach out to us and we can give you various options that are available to you.  

We have few varieties of Rock and Limestone available for your residential or commercial projects.  We have the most used one's on display, However if you are looking for a special kind, then we can order them for you based on your need.

Our Rock and Limestone options can be a great addition to your overall landscape design.  We carefully select our gravel and limestone to make sure it is of high standard. We would never sell you something that we do not put in our own yard!

Some of our products are not on display but can be ordered through special order.  We have nearly all types of Rock and Limestone available.  Our knowledgeable sales staff can help you with the ordering process quickly and effectively.

Simply call us to get started.



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